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Bob Hattersley


Bob is a mathematician with 30 years' experience in optimisation and supply chain planning.  He spent over 15 years developing, maintaining, supporting and selling the commercial MIP optimiser SCICONIC.  During this time he worked on a great variety of large and small optimisation consultancy projects in many industries.  He has worked for two decades with the supply chain management tool AspenSCM ®AspenTech (previously MIMI), focusing on implementations in process industries.  He has used Xpress-MP ™FICO over the last decade, developing very large optimisation models to be embedded in applications.


Bob enjoys a technical challenge, but gains most satisfaction from delivering complete systems that meet or exceed a customer's expectations and requirements, so that the software will continue to be used and to provide value into the long term.



Opta Consulting collaborates with individuals and consultancies of proven ability as appropriate to fulfil customer requirements.



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