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OptAB – An Application Builder for Optimisation


An optimisation model on its own is a powerful engine without a vehicle. An optimisation application needs a local data store in order that:



Imported data can be reviewed and corrected before use



Local data can be maintained



The solution can be validated and adjusted before release to the business



What-if scenarios can be explored and compared



The optimisation process is insulated from network and corporate database outages.


Moreover, the application needs:



An efficient data interface to corporate data stores for import and export



A user interface that provides intuitive navigation through the process



A data analysis capability including filtering, aggregation, pivoting and charting under user control



The ability to add sophisticated graphics to present the most complex data in a compelling way.


Traditional solutions to these requirements range from the use of a spreadsheet to the development of a fully custom application.  Spreadsheets do not manage large quantities of data well, are easily broken by accident or by changes in data, and are usually only fully understood by their developer.  A purchased product will generally solve a problem well – but not your problem.  Custom applications are expensive and time-consuming to develop, and once developed are hard to change.


OptAB provides an alternative to cheap and unreliable versus expensive and inflexible.


For the user, OptAB offers:



A fully-fledged optimisation application based on Microsoft Access® 2003-2013 and Xpress-MP ™FICO Version 7.0 onwards (licensed separately)



Explorer-style menu to access all user functions



Import from and export to text files, XML, Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets and ODBC data sources



Handling of complex time period definitions



Data viewing and editing via Access datasheets, pivot tables and pivot charts



Background solve with continuous log messaging



Management of data and solution versions



Context-driven help in every form.


Click for more details and screenshots of the user interface.


For the model developer, OptAB offers:



No coding or form design required to deliver a complete application



Guided customisation via designer forms in the user interface



Automatic generation of data structures with enforced data integrity rules



Automatic generation of the user interface



Easily-configured parameter and data interface to Xpress-Mosel



Freedom to fully customise help messages



Freedom to add new forms and to integrate additional VBA code



Powerful generated object model for programmatic access to your data



Object model for the development of dynamic and interactive graphics within Access forms.


Click for more information about the developer interface.



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