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IT is a risky business.


Many IT projects, including those in Supply Chain Management, fail or only partially succeed in realising the benefits expected of them.  The reasons are numerous and varied – and always seem obvious after the event.


At Opta Consulting, we do not believe that there is a magic bullet, and no one methodology or set of procedures, that will fix the problem.  Systematisation of a complex process always runs the risk of turning into a box-ticking exercise.


We work according to a simple set of principles which, applied with common sense and intelligence in cooperation with our customers, have been uniformly successful:



Be open: keep every stakeholder informed, encourage and accept their input



Be honest: set expectations accurately, admit mistakes, correct misapprehensions



Make only promises you can keep, then keep them.


Our project approach is:



Explore requirements informally but exhaustively



Define deliverables formally and precisely, and obtain formal acceptance of the definition



Implement with the realistic objective of fully meeting the specification first time



Test rigorously with the realistic objective of catching every bug



Deliver capability to the user, not software to a computer.



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